About us

We are Ahmet and Anna, your hosts at Loya Vita Hotel in Dalyan as of 2022. 

You might remember us as the previous hosts of Safak Apart Hotel in Dalyan.

On this page, we would like to introduce ourselves.


Ahmet grew up on the Turkish south coast and was only thirteen years old when he had to leave school and start working. Since then, he has always worked in small family hotels. He worked his way up from dish washer to driver, tour guide, manager and eventually the owner of his own place. Ahmet is seen around the hotel cleaning or watering something 90% of the time. He won't rest until his place is spotlessly clean, but once he's satisfied, he loves to sit down with his guests for a chat and a joke.


Anna is Dutch. She studied cultural anthropology and did the research for her master thesis in Dalyan. Since she met Ahmet in 2002, they have travelled around Turkey as well as other countries together and she came to share Ahmet's dream of owning their own hotel one day. Anna is the one managing and organising. She's always around the hotel, ready to answer any questions, give tips for things to do, or just for a chat around the pool or at the bar. 


Hospitality is our nature. We genuinly love to make people feel comfortable and let them enjoy the best holiday they can, and keep everything very laid back at the same time. 


We are looking forward to meet you at  Loya Vita Hotel!